Steve Breuer
The nonprofit world is a challenging environment. Your organization competes, for the attention of its leaders and for funding from its supporters. Steve Breuer Associates have enjoyed success on a local, state and national level. Drawing on a variety of resources, we work closely with your volunteer and professional leaders to help your organization realize its goals.

Steve Breuer developed a national reputation as an administrator of hugely successful nonprofits - synagogue, schools, camps and conference centers. He has been a respected leader of national associations of administrators, educators, health, welfare and religious organizations. He has taught management courses for twenty years and has been widely published. He has mentored literally hundreds of nonprofit professionals.

Steve has been honored by the organizations that he led, the college where he continues to teach, as well as the State, cities and counties of California. The Steve Breuer Conference Center in Malibu, California, was named to honor his many years of inspirational leadership of organized camping.

Steve Breuer Associates refers to the extensive professional relationships Steve has developed throughout the continent. While he gives intense personal attention to each client, Steve looks to those colleagues for expertise - in law, insurance, accounting, finance, public relations, technical support and human resources, for example. Our approach is to make Steve's vast experience and network of resources available to each client.

Steve is a member of the Standards for Excellence Institute, supporting an Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector.

"We came away from the experience energized and enlightened. It's almost as if you gave us 'permission' to tackle several difficult issues we've been hesitant to resolve. I especially appreciate your 'bottom line' approach!"

Pam Rosen, Temple B'nai Tzedek, Fountain Valley CA

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